In order for Sakuran Bomb to be a successful circle, we have a few rules set in place to keep ourselves active and friendly with each other.

  1. Members are expected to update their style at least monthly. These could be pictures of recent buys, co-ordinates, tutorials, and so on.
  2. You are expected to keep in touch with members as much as possible, weekly minimum.
  3. When they are planned and you can go, please attend our online Skype meetups to help keep us connected.
  4. You must help, plan, or provide some input when hosting meetups or events in the local area.
  5. You should be able to be honest and respectful with everyone in the circle and able to resolve any disputes peacefully.
  6. If we feel you are being inactive in the circle, we will let you know and put you on a 'suspension' period where you must prove to us by being more active that you want to continue being a member of the circle before being removed.
  7. You are expected to dress your best and represent gal style with pride whenever possible.